Mark London Williams

Mark London Williams writes books in the wilds of L.A., while contemplating dimensional rifts and hidden histories. He's also a columnist for the paper "Below the Line," where he writes about Hollywood and its discontents. He's slung ink and pixels for Variety, the LA Times, and other on and offline publications. He's scripted comics, published a coyote poem or two, and had a slew of produced plays, in venues ranging from California to London. He also teaches writing, at Disney's Creative Academy, the Sewanee Young Writers' conference, and other places. He draws fairly constant inspiration from his two sons, who are growing so fast, the dimensional rift may actually reside in his own living room.

Appearances and classes:

School & Library Visits

One of the happy side-effects of time travel -- or at least writing about it! -- is that you get to visit a lot of interesting places, especially schools and libraries and book festivals where people are interested -- in stories, tales, and sometimes, telling their own.

If you'd like to have me come to your school or library for a talk about the writin' life, or one of the "Danger Boy" specials -- such as "Finding Your 'Story' in History" or "Making Us Believe: Dragons, Spies, & Secret Histories" (both combining a look at some "real" history with some hands-on audience storytelling) -- then drop a line.

There is a certain degree of shall-we-say-latitude with rates, and multiple days in the same locale certainly qualify for "group purchase" prices. Schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Pacific Northwest, and the Austin area are especially encouraged to inquire, as various peregrinations already take the author to these locales, and thus, travel expenses, etc., can often be minimized.

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