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In 2019 Eli Sands is a pretty typical kid. He plays Barnstormers, collects baseball 'grams, and spends most of his free time with his vidpad. So what's he doing in the middle of a burning city in ancient Egypt? Standing next to a highly evolved dinosaur from another planet? It all has to do with DARPA and the timesphere experiments.

After the first "accident," Eli's mother disappears. After the second, Eli earns the corny codename "Danger Boy." Now it's his mission to save his world and his family from a fatal disease that has slipped through time.


On a quest to find his missing mother, 12-year-old time-traveler Eli Sands has seen much of the worldworld history, that is. But in his second adventure, he can't possibly imagine the characters he will encounter: vile Hitler Youth, Joe DiMaggio, even the wizard Merlin! Once again, he is luckily joined and aided by Clyne and Thea, the unlikely pair of accidental adventurers Eli befriended during his first navigation of the Fifth Dimension. This time Eli may have found his mom, but can he bring her home and save the free world from tyrannical rule?

Second in a thrilling middle-grade series that mixes a hint of the X-Files, a dash of Discovery Channel, and a good dose of solid action adventure. Original cover illustration by the creators of the award-winning Promethea comic-book series.


Fresh from a dangerous time-traveling mission, Eli Sands and his friends Clyne, the evolved dinosaur, and Thea, the scholar from Alexandria, are thrown into nineteenth-century America after an accident with their time-travel vessel. Unfortunately, Clyne is stranded alone in potentially hostile territory, while Thea and Eli pop up at the beginning of the famed Lewis and Clark expedition. After Thea is mistaken for an escaped slave and taken into custody, Eli joins Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery in hopes of finding Clyne, a means to rescue Thea, and transportation home. While trying to escape and regroup, Eli and his friends make important discoveries about their "accidental" stumble into 1804. It looks like they were lured by a Prime Nexus, which they may have caused, and which will surely change all of history to come.

Danger Boy and his time-traveling companions are in for some shocking surprises when they meet up with an earlier expedition -- the historical journey of Lewis and Clark.


After another close call, the good news is that Eli Sands, aka Danger Boy, is back in San Francisco in 2020. The bad news is that Eli and his friends, Clyne the evolved dinosaur and Thea the Alexandrian scholar, are being held captive by the government agency DARPA. Since their last foray into the Fifth Dimension, it seems history has been unraveling everywhere, and the deadly slow pox virus is spreading fast. DARPA's plan is for Eli to visit ancient Jerusalem. But Eli and crew discover that the city is in ruins from a Babylonian invasion, and soon an angry mob is ready to stone them. Will Danger Boy and his friends find their way home again?

A Note From Mark:

As the whole Danger Boy series migrates and morphs from traditionally published form into the ebook you now hold (or, at least, read on your screen), all the people who were there at the beginning, in those four previous acknowledgements, should consider themselves -- these many moons later -- still thanked, loved, appreciated: the friends and family who provided the encouragement (or sometimes the literal space to write), my former editors at (sadly now defunct) Tricycle Press, and later Candlewick, who helped whip those early manuscripts into shape. All of them -- all of you -- thanks so much for being, well, time travelers, and riding with these stories from their past, into the future.

At the present moment -- for that is all we time travelers ever actually have -- I want to especially thank my agent, Kelly Sonnack, for being such a good steward of the books' conversion to the format you currently enjoy, and as well, longstanding Danger Boy cover artist Michael Koelsch, who took many of his boss covers from the book series and worked his magic so they'd look equally cool in download land.

And of course, thank you, dear reader, for taking this story into your home, and, hopefully, your heart. Happy voyaging.


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