On this page you can see some mock-ups for a proposed "Danger Boy" graphic novel that Austin-based artists Doug Potter and I were working on. A couple of the pages are an adaptation of "Ancient Fire," and a couple more are for the story-within-the-story from the "Danger Boy" books -- the "Barnstormers" videogame world that Eli Sands liked to play in. Or used to, before he found himself unstuck in time.

I've written comics before, for a late lamented offshoot of DC called "Piranha Press," and most notably, perhaps, in The Big Bigfoot Book anthology, with a story "Bigfoot vs. Donkey Kong," from the equally late and lamented Mojo Press. Hopefully I'll get to hit the ground running -- big feet and all -- with new graphic work, set in and out of the DB universe, soon.

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